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“Forged” Part 1

Today, Pastor Tom will be beginning a brand new online series called "Forged." He will be discussing the power and influence that can come to our lives because of a simple choice to live a life of character and integrity.

Unshaken 7

Today, in the final message of the "Unshaken" Series, Pastor Tom discusses the way in which God orders the steps of His people. Even in the time of storm and shaking, the one who is ordering our steps is firm and cannot be shaken. If our founder is firm and our steps are ordered then we can trust him to lead us through every obstacle.

Unshaken 6

Today, in part 6 of the "Unshaken" series Pastor Tom discusses the pervasive anger that has overtaken our culture and explains how that anger can be destructive to our faith. He also gives tips on how we can overcome anger and live the unshaken life God has called us to live.

Unshaken 5

In today's message, part 5 in the "Unshaken" series, Pastor Tom discusses our need to rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him in the midst of the storms of life.

Unshaken 4

In part 4 of the "Unshaken" series, Pastor Tom discusses our need to take our anxieties, fears and discouragements and "Roll Them Off" on to the shoulders of God. We are not designed to carry these burdens on our own. Watch today as Pastor Tom shares a practical way in which we can cast our cares on God.

Unshaken 3

If you have been following our online teaching, you know it's been awhile, but we are back! And we're excited to be here! We are going to pick up right where we left off with the "Unshaken" series. Please check out part 3 in which we will discuss how having "the right delight" can determine how God chooses to bless our lives. Please feel free to hit the LIKE button and the SHARE button. Help us spread the good news of God's word. Also, drop us a comment and let us know you were here. We appreciate hearing from YOU! #TRCUnshaken

Unshaken 2

This Week Pastor Tom continues the "Unshaken" series. Today, we discuss the fact that our faith has a "flow." There are times when we will go through seasons of blessings and breakthrough. However, there will also be seasons of struggle and shaking. Understanding how to go with the "flow" of faith will help us to remain strong in our faith no matter what the season. #TRCUnshaken #SundayMotivation


Today Pastor Tom begins an exciting brand new series called "Unshaken." In this series Pastor Tom will begin focusing on how we can build an unshakeable life in the midst of a shaking world. Today, we will discuss the importance of trust, what trust is, and how our trust in God can help us to remain unshaken even when our life around us is shaking.

Learning To Love The Dirt

Sometimes it can seem the trials of life have us stuck in the dirt. We can feel like there is nothing beneficial about these times, but if we understand that God is at work, we can learn to love the dirt as we realize that God is growing something great in the soil of your trials.

Today Pastor Tom discusses three attributes of true Christ inspired love. These three attributes include the mission of love, the focus of love and love's answer in a culture of hate.

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